Cargo Yukon Eyeshadow

Cargo Eyeshadow in Yukon

Cargo Eyeshadow in “Yukon”

When Lawtons Drugs began carrying Cargo Cosmetics, I tried several of their products. But as I mentioned in my previous post, their eyeshadow single in “Yukon” immediately sold out. I have been back a few times with no luck, but finally was able to get my paws on this popular shade. A favourite of Youtubers like Kristen Gehm and GlamLifeGuru among others, would this taupe eyeshadow live up to the hype?

Cargo Eyeshadow in Yukon

Cargo Eyeshadow in “Yukon”

First of all, it is a very pretty colour. A slightly cool-toned, not too brown, not too gray shade without any purple, “Yukon” really is a true taupe. From how it appears in the pan, I really wasn’t expecting it to be as shimmery though. That was a surprise. I got a bit of fall-down and what was under my eye was almost sparkly. On the eye, it definitely has a sheen. It was also slightly on the sheerer side; not quite as pigmented as, say, a MAC shadow. But I found I could build it up, and it did stay on all day with an eyeshadow primer.

Swatch Cargo Yukon Eyeshadow

Swatch: Cargo “Yukon”

Overall I really like it. I can understand why it is a favourite, mainly because taupes are elusive. “Yukon” is a very flattering, natural looking type of shade.

The Cargo singles retail for $19.00 CAD which SEEMS expensive at first, but its huge – you get 3.5g of eyeshadow. By comparison a MAC single is only 1.5g for $18.00. So you will have loads of taupe! 🙂

I haven’t tried any other Cargo eyeshadow shades. Have you? Which would you recommend?

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