Evil Queen Regina’s Lipstick

MAC Capricious lipstick and Plum lipliner

MAC Capricious lipstick and Plum Lip Pencil

I’ve gotten hooked on watching the tv series Once Upon a Time on Netflix. Its from the creators of Lost, my previous Netflix addiction. A lot of the actors from Lost turn up on Once Upon a Time. One of the things I like most about the show is the amazing makeup and costumes. My favourite character is the “Evil Queen” Regina, played by actress Lana Parrilla. I am in love with the lipstick she wears, a deep, rich plum:

Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen Regina on Once Upon a Time

Lana Parrilla as “Evil Queen” Regina on Once Upon a Time

After several episodes spent thinking how I would love to have that shade, I googled “What lipstick does Lana Parrilla wear on Once Upon a Time?”. Turns out, someone had asked her that very same question on twitter and she answered.
lana parrilla lipstick color
MAC Capricious and Plum LiplinerMAC Capricious is a lustre that MAC describes as a “fanciful rose plum.” MAC Plum Lip Pencil is more of a brown plum. I immediately loved Plum lipliner – an instant favourite. Together they make a fantastic lip combo. The liner makes Capricious darker and gives it more of a purpley-plum undertone.

MAC Plum Lipliner

MAC Plum Lip Pencil

MAC Capricious Lipstick

MAC Capricious Lipstick

Swatches: MAC Capricious Lipstick and Plum Lip Pencil

Swatches: MAC Capricious Lipstick and Plum Lip Pencil

Now, it doesn’t look exactly the same on me as it does on her, but I still really love it. If you have fair skin and dark hair and are looking for that deep, rosy-plummy shade to give you an I-just-stepped-out-of-a-fairy-tale look, you would like this 🙂

Have you watched Once Upon a Time? Which characters’ makeup looks are you loving?

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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24 responses to “Evil Queen Regina’s Lipstick

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  2. chowbellapaleo

    Re-watching the show from the beginning on Netflix, which reminded me I wanted to look up whatever lipstick she was wearing.Thanks for the post!


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  5. Ruth

    So glad you were able to share that. I’ve been hooked on this show since day one and have been recently wondering.


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  7. Sammy

    Can I be a complete idiot here and ask how you wear this? I like never wear make up and bought these products and now I’m like ok so lip pencil…. How does that work?!


    • That’s not idiotic at all! I like to fill in my lips lightly with the liner from the inside out, rubbing my lips together (really similar to applying lipstick). I make sure my lips are hydrated with some lip balm before hand. That way the liner acts as a base or primer for the lipstick. The cool thing about using different liners underneath is that you can really customize the shade of any lipstick. Its the combo of Plum and Capricious that gets you the really striking deep plum lip colour. And sometimes I just use a liner topped with lip balm.


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  10. thebeautytroubadour

    Thank You So Much for posting this! I was wondering what lip color she was wearing – and the fact that it’s MAC is beyond epic. I picked up both the liner and the lipstick – loving them both.
    Rocking my Evil Queen look! Thank you much!
    <3<3<3 Julia aka thebeautytroubadour


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  12. This is an absolutely delightful post! My daughter and I love Once Upon A Time, as well. I’ve often admired Regina’s perpetually perfect pout. Lol. Thank you for sharing this! Fun-o! 😊


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  15. rasilla

    I kept saying I would google the lip colour, and kept forgetting!
    haha well then, this is awesome. Cause yes, her lip combo is just gorgeous on her~


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  17. love this post! I just did a review on the Original babylips line and MUA lipstick it would mean alot if you could check it out or maybe follow me? xx Hatice


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