Seventeen Deconstructed Lash Lacquer Review

Seventeen Deconstructed Lash Lacquer

Seventeen Deconstructed Lash Lacquer

I picked this up while I was in England. Seventeen is a UK brand that I’ve been unable to find in Canada. I was very intrigued when I saw this in Boots. Its an unusual product, that is sort of like mascara, but doesn’t have anything like a traditional mascara wand. Instead its a tiny, thin brush that you use to paint on the glossy “lash lacquer”:

Seventeen Deconstructed Lash Lacquer Brush

Seventeen Deconstructed Lash Lacquer Brush

Seventeen describes it as “a top coat for lashes”. You’re supposed to apply it over mascara and it “wraps around each lash for blacker, loaded lashes full of drama”.

There are two things I didn’t like about this product. First, I found it very difficult to apply. The applicator is so small and thin and trying to “paint” it onto my eyelashes took forever. Second, I just didn’t notice any difference at all in my lashes. I was hoping for a more intense black or even some glossiness, but it really didn’t give me any noticeable effect.

I do like the IDEA of a lash lacquer top coat. Are there other brands who do a similar product that you would recommend?

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