Buxom Lipsticks

Buxom Full Bodied Lipsticks

Buxom Full Bodied Lipsticks

I had never tried any of the Buxom lip products because I thought they were all that “plumping” type that causes your lips to tingle and sting that I’m not a fan of. Then I read that the Full Bodied Lipstick gives a “plumping effect without the tingle” through “encapsulated hyaluronic spheres” to “promote hydration and fullness”. They don’t contain any of the ingredients used as an irritant (like niacin, cinnamon, menthol, or ginger) that cause an inflammatory reaction.

A picked up the shade “Hooligan” a few months ago and I have been loving it, so I just got another shade, ‘Two-Timer”.

  • Hooligan – described as “mauve plum” is just that, a rich, rosy plum
  • Two-Timer – described as an “earthy rose” is more of a peachy/orangey-brown
Buxom Full Bodied Lipsticks Swatches: Hooligan & Two-Timer

Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick Swatches: Hooligan & Two-Timer

The formula of these lipsticks is so nice and creamy and moisturizing. They are opaque and not too glossy. My favourite thing of all is they smell a little like coconut. They actually contain real coconut oil, which I am obsessed with!

In Canada, Buxom is available at Sephora. The Full Bodied Lipsticks are $26.00 CAD.

Have you tried any of the other Buxom shades?


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2 responses to “Buxom Lipsticks

  1. These sounds really nice! And those colors look great.


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