NYX Baked Blushes: Ladylike, Wanderlust, & Chiffon

NYX Baked Blush in Ladylike, Wanderlust, & Chiffon

NYX Baked Blush in Ladylike, Wanderlust, & Chiffon

How cute is the packaging on these new NYX Baked Blushes?

I am a huge fan of the regular NYX powder blushes, so I was excited when they came out with a new line of baked blushes. NYX describes them as “Baked to sheer perfection, this luxurious formula is packed full of pigments to provide a natural glow and highlight to the face.” These are definitely not matte, but are intended to be a shimmery, glowey type of blush, as baked blushes often are.

I tried three shades:

  • Ladylike: “Light pink with gold shimmer” – very accurate description.
  • Wanderlust: “Iridescent peach”. A straight-up peach once applied.
  • Chiffon: Oddly described only as “Iridescent highlight”, Chiffon is one of those blush shades I love: a brownish-pink, very “nude” type of shade.
NYX Baked Blush in Ladylike, Wanderlust, & Chiffon

NYX Baked Blush in Ladylike, Wanderlust, & Chiffon

NYX Baked Blush Swatches (L-R): Ladylike, Wanderlust, & Chiffon

NYX Baked Blush Swatches (L-R): Ladylike, Wanderlust, & Chiffon

As many reviewers have mentioned, with baked products you have to break through that top layer to really get at the product. The texture was quite nice with the glaring exception of Ladylike. Ladylike is very gritty and scratchy. So I would caution that there seems to be some inconsistency with the formula; it varies depending on the shade. If you’re interested in a specific shade, look for reviews. Ladylike is a very pretty colour, but the texture is horrible which is a shame.

Wanderlust and Chiffon were very smooth and easy to apply. You can also go from sheer to building it up for a more intense colour payoff. My favourite shade is Chiffon.

I haven’t seen the new blushes in stores in Canada yet, but you can buy them through Cherry Culture for $7.69 CAD. Shipping was $15 CAD and they arrived within 10 days, which is super fast for Canada! I was also impressed with the way it was packaged. There was so much cushioney (recyclable) paper to make sure nothing got damaged.

Have you tried the new NYX blushes? What do you think?

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11 responses to “NYX Baked Blushes: Ladylike, Wanderlust, & Chiffon

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  4. Kimber

    I bought Foreplay first, which is a pinky peach. It wasn’t peach enough for me, so I purchased Wonderlust, which is exactly what I was looking for! Chiffon is on my next haul list, and now you have me wanting Ladylike! I love my NYX blushes! They can be worn very sheer, or you can very easily build coverage!


  5. V

    Beautiful colors! I like a teensy tiny bit of shimmer in my blushes, but not so much that my cheeks are a shine fest with flash photography. I might have to check this out.


    • The colour selection is impresive! I know what you mean – a little shimmer goes a long way. These aren’t over the top.


    • Kimber

      These blushes are definitely not lacking on the wow shimmer factor, but it isn’t glittery at all, just beautiful, lustrous shimmer! I love it the majority of the time, but for those times when I need less shimmer, I lightly pat matte translucent powder over the shimmer with a clean, dry flat foundation brush. It picks up the shimmer while still leaving on pigmented product!


  6. Chiffon looks lovely! and the packaging looks so cute! hows the lasting power on these?
    I’m so gonna grab some too!


    • Chiffon is really pretty! The lasting power is not bad. Not quite as good as their regular powder blushes which I find last 8-12 hours on me. That’s probably because they are intended to be more sheer and illuminating. I haven’t tried them wet though.


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