Why I am Drinking More Water: Soda Stream Review

Soda Stream carbonated water maker (“Source” model)

Although Health Canada doesn’t have a recommendation for a specific amount of water consumption and “eight glasses per day” is actually an urban legend, it’s obviously still important to keep hydrated. My skin has been really dehydrated this winter so I thought trying to drink more water couldn’t hurt. The problem is I really love carbonated water or “fizzy water” as I like to call it. What’s wrong with that you ask? The problem is fizzy water can have a lot of sodium in it. Water might be good for you but too much salt definitely isn’t.

Health Canada’s recommended intake for sodium for adults is between 1500-2300 mg per day.  Here’s the low-down on how much sodium might be lurking in your fizzy water:

  • a 355 ml can of club soda: 105-250 mg of sodium (depending on the brand)
  • 750 ml bottle of Perrier: 9 mg of sodium
  • 750 ml bottle of San Pellegrino: 27 mg of sodium

Another thing I was really starting to feel bad about was buying all those bottles and cans of water which is really not good for the environment. Even if you recycle them there is the carbon footprint from transporting them. So, I decided to get a Soda Stream and make my own carbonated, sodium free water at home using tap water!

I have been drinking so much water. Its so quick and easy to use. It doesn’t even require electricity or batteries. You just fill the 1 litre bottle that comes with the machine (pictured above) with totally free tap water, stick it in the machine, press down, and in seconds you have fizzy water. The plastic bottle lasts 2 years, is recycle-able, and you can buy extra bottles separately.

Here are some more details if you are considering getting a Soda Stream:

  • I got mine at Canadian Tire. You can find a retailer near you on the Soda Stream site.
  • The machines ranged in price from $79.99 to $129.99 CAD depending on the model, and all came with a CO2 cartridge and sample pack of flavours you can add. FYI – all of the flavours we tried were disgusting.
  • The CO2 cartridges are $34.99 CAD and make 60 litres of carbonated water. That’s roughly 60 cents a litre! WAY cheaper than buying club soda or other brands of fizzy water.
  • You can return your CO2 cartridge to the store and exchange it for a full one for a discount. I haven’t done this yet, so I’m not sure how much you save.

I am loving my Soda Stream. If you were thinking about getting one, hope this review helps you out! I am off to pour myself another delicious glass of fizzy water…

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