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Besame Cosmetics Order Arrived!

I was really excited to open this. Besame is a unique, vintage-inspired make-up line. Although shipping it here was crazy (more on that later) and I probably won’t place another order, it was totally worth it.

Besame Cosmetics

Besame Cosmetics

I ordered two of the Classic Color Lipsticks in Portrait Pink and Noir Red; their Signature Compact in Porcelain; the Crimson Cream Rouge; and their 1930s Mascara.

Besame Classic Color Lipsticks in Noir Red and Portrait Pink

Besame Classic Color Lipsticks in Noir Red and Portrait Pink

I love the lipsticks. You really feel like you’ve gone back in time to the 1950s. Back then, lipsticks were smaller, so the Besame lipsticks are smaller than a typical lipstick:

Besame Lipstick Compared to MAC Lipstick

Besame Lipstick Compared to MAC Lipstick

Speaking of MAC…the Besame lipsticks are similar to the MAC cremesheen lipsticks in formula, finish, and even the vanilla scent.

Besame Signature Compact, 1930s Mascara, and Crimson Cream Rouge

Besame Signature Compact, 1930s Mascara, and Crimson Cream Rouge

The mascara packaging is so glamorous, but it was the only product that was disappointing. I didn’t think the formula or brush did much for my lashes. But, I loved the rouge and the compact. Again, you really feel like you’ve gone back to another era. I mean, just look at this compact:

Besame Signature Compact

Besame Signature Compact

My order initially came to $122.00. The problem was with the brokerage and customs fees which weren’t included. Besame ships using UPS and they charged me an additional $55.00! which means I am not likely to place another order. I will just have to enjoy these for now.


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Have Hours of Fun Designing Your Own Shoes!

I have just discovered a site, Shoes of Prey, where you can custom design your own shoes. Its so much fun! Check out my “replica” of the ruby slippers Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz (one of my favourite movies):

I am not affiliated with this site in any way. I am just having way too much fun designing shoes and contemplating whether I should spend $209 on these red sparkly puppies.

If you did want to order one of your designs, they do ship to Canada. If anyone has purchased a pair, leave me a comment about what you thought. Or post a pic of one of your designs.

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Top 5 Favourite Beauty Youtubers

For my first post, I decided to share some of the bloggers in the youtube beauty community that I enjoy the most. I follow quite a few blogs and youtube channels, so it was difficult to narrow it down to my top five favourites, but here it goes, in no particular order:


Estee is a fellow Canadian currently living in London. She is hilarious! I love her personality, and because she has fair skin like me, I find her product recommendations super helpful. Also like me, she is a huge fan of Revlon lip products.


Sisters and professional makeup artists Samantha and Nicola Chapman are based out of London. Their tutorials are amazing. Sam also created Real Techniques, and her makeup brushes are awesome. I bought the entire collection while on a trip to the U.S. at an Ulta (really wish we had Ulta here). Check out my Makeup Shopping Guide for Canadians for where to buy them in Canada.


Tanya Burr is engaged to Sam and Nic Chapman’s brother. She is also a makeup artist and also based in London. She is sweet and funny and seems very genuine and down-to-earth. Her tutorials are great and she uses a lot of M.A.C. products, which I love.


Glam Life Guru
Tati Westbrook is a makeup artist in Hollywood, California. She was nominated for the 2013 Allure magazine Beauty Blogger of the Year Award.

American Emily Eddington was a morning news anchor when I started watching her channel, although she now does youtube full time. Her product reviews are very thorough and professional.

Who are your favourite beauty youtubers?

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